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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get this to you to help you have something in hand to get the word out regarding autism and information from this site  - how to be instrumental in increasing victories in individuals with autism. 

You can either download the flyer and/or print it.  (Also, I have cut them in half and handed information which was more specific to the individual's needs)..  If you need more autism awareness supports, check out the resources tab, visual tools tab, and products tab.. For specifics on how the acronym can help you.. go to "victories" tab and click on each support (word) under the victories tab.  

Remember to light up things in blue today and tonight!  

Take care!

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Light it up blue tomorrow!  Also, use the Victories acronym to help others learn how to help individuals with autism experience more victories. 
Be sure to check out the products page.  I added products which I have found very helpful when working with some individuals with autism.  A few of the items are for my own wish list... more items will be coming!
Be sure to check out the video interview of the parents of a son with autism.  These parents are awesome and have so much to share.  I love visiting with Gina and Scotty (the parents).. and I know you will be encouraged and strengthened by hearing their story of victories and challenges they have encountered as parents of a son with autism.  You can view this by following this link to the video: , click on the "youtube" icon on the home page, or going to our facebook page.  
Greetings again!  Transitions can be everyday transitions - changes.  It can also be major transitions individuals with ASDs will face. Preparing for transitions goes hand-in-hand with preparing an individual to be more independent - to move towards young adulthood, employment, college, a career, etc.  However, the key here is being "prepared"!!!  This link will take you to a site, "The National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition:
This "toolkit" has valuable information - touching on many of the areas and strategies addressed under one of the subtitles - listed under the "Victories" tab (many of the areas overlap - so check them all out on our website). 
BTW, just because it says, "Secondary Students" - do not hesitate becoming familiar with areas your younger student or child may need to address right now to better prepare him/her for a smoother and more victorious transition later.  
Take care!
I'm passing on a great resource for educators and parents, etc. of individuals with ASDs.  The link takes you to a "manual" of wonderful information on autism and intervention strategies, etc.  The site is:   - please pass this on to families who can use this information. 
Take care!
Hello, just wanted to let you know that there are some great tips regarding job accommodations for adolescents and adults with an autism spectrum disorder (and other related and unrelated disabilities) on a website called "JAN" - Job Accommodation Network.  
The link to tips for individuals with an ASD is:  

It's important to note that independence training begins early.  Many of their listed accommodations are addressed in greater detail on our website under the "Victories" tab.   
Take care!
Greetings to everyone!  I just wanted to pass on some information - as you know, parent training has been emphasized and stated as being important for parents of children with an ASD. Interestingly, new studies are coming forward depicting just how important it really is for improvement in skills and behavior for the children/adolescents with ASDs. The following site,, shared a little bit of information from a study from the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Volume 51, Issue 2, Pages 136-146, February 2012.  Here's a link to the site where you can look it up:   - 
Bottom line to me.... those who are with the child/adolescent the most... really need to know how to implement effective strategies to teach and reinforce appropriate behaviors.  This includes all caretakers - family members, teachers, and paraprofessionals, etc. 
BTW, I haven't forgotten about the parent interview..... we are working on getting it to you.  Ironically, you will be able to "see" and hear from parents who have had much training in effective interventions.  
Have a good day!!!

I hope you take the time to look over the site.  It is hoped that this format will be easier to find needed information for your child or student with an ASD.  We would love to hear your feedback & suggestions.  This is an ongoing process.  Information and changes will continue as needed.  
Take care!
Laura Molleur
Just wanted to share that I've added a tab/page for your input, ideas, trials, & of course victories.  Matter of fact, the first forum is about sharing a victory - no matter the size - to encourage parents and teachers, etc.  However, please understand that I have never implemented a forum.  So..... I would appreciate your help.  Thanks!!!